a daily obsession

Red Flats Shoetopia ; Perfect Striped Tunic Sophia Grace’s Bowtique; Short Sleeve Fall Tunic Fancy Frills Boutique

This obsession started out slowly a few months ago. A friend on Facebook posted that she was selling something here and I took a peek. Boom! I’ve been obsessed ever since. Jane.com is an awesome place to online shop! They feature amazing deals and you can score quality products for a steal. My favorite things to shop for are their boutique clothes and home décor. Some examples of the Boutique Deals I got are these amazing Red Flats from Shoetopia ($11.99) and the two Tunic Tops from Sophia Grace’s Bowtique and Fancy Frills Boutique (both $14.99)

DSC_0216 (2)

The Home Décor I’ve found one Jane.com has an Etsy feel to it and is all original. It’s so easy to personalize what you order. I ordered this print for $10.99.

I’ve been very successful with my purchases and only had to return one item. It was very simple and I got a full refund. The sellers they partner with are top notch. Shipping is very reasonable and quick. The online functionality of their Website is very easy to use. Inc. magazine just announced they were #1 for the Fastest Growing Retailer in the US. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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