“Take her in, folks! Right here in our midst! The luckiest girl alive.”

Luckiest Girl AliveThe Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll is one of my favorite books right now. TifAni Fanelli has the perfect life. The old money rich fiancé, New York zip code, envied career, and the perfectly practiced fashion sense. She’s slaved her whole life to go from rags to riches. Her judgmental honesty is hilarious and appeals to every girl’s secret inner bitch. But on the inside she’s terrified of being discovered as a fraud. A wannabe socialite who doesn’t really belong.

“One wrong move and everyone will see right through your tastefully tan spray tan to the trashy guidette who doesn’t know to pass the salt and pepper together.”

However, her fake persona begins to crush her from the inside. “Sometimes I feel like a windup doll, like I have to reach behind and turn my golden key to produce a greeting, a laugh, whatever the socially acceptable reaction should be.” This book gives you pieces of the story a chapter at a time and leaves you wanting more. You won’t be able to put it down! It had tragedy, mystery, and comedy all in one. The ending is worth the read!

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