i don’t say blah blah blah – Hotel Transylvania 2

Hotel-Transylvania-2I’m not going to lie, my family and I rushed to see this movie opening weekend. We all loved the first movie, Hotel Transylvania, so much that we were highly anticipating the sequel. The plot of the sequel is very cute. Mavis and Jonathan have moved forward in life with a wedding and now a new baby Dennis. Drac struggles to accept that Dennis may or may not be a monster. It’s the typical family comedy of accepting new in-laws and Grandparents learning to let their kids parent their way.

While the movie left me a little indifferent, I did however find myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions. This sequel lacked all of the cute catchy music from the first film, which was a little disappointing. The monster jokes were somewhat repeated as well, but are still funny. I would definitely recommend taking the family to see it, and I know I’ll be buying it on DVD too!HTR2_fly120_1029_lm_v2

If you haven’t seen the first movie you are missing out! Some parents fear it may be too scary for the little ones. Yes there are monsters and zombies, but they make them funny and there is nothing to fear. My kids laughed the whole movie! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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