new favorites – pop balm lips and butterfly lashes

nude balm 2 (2)Loreal Pop Balm and Nude Balm

I’m loving Loreal Pop Balm and Nude Balm right now. I don’t usually wear a lot of lipstick. My go-to for lip coverage is typically chap stick or gloss. Most of my friends don’t wear a lot of lip color either, maybe it’s a generational thing. However, this new product from Loreal is amazing!

pop balm 2 (2)The balm’s feel like a soft chap stick but give you just enough color. You can reapply as much as you like for moisture and never feel like it is too heavy. It’s also completely kissable with no mess. If you want to get the trending Fall red lips look, but terrified to go and buy a big tube of red lipstick, try the Fiery Red Pop Balm. It looks great and you don’t have to fully commit. Let me know what you think about it!

wing tipLoreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara

I was skeptical before trying Loreal’s new Voluminous Butterfly mascara, but I am glad I did! The brush is awesome. It has a winged tip to stretch to the very corner of your lashes, and it really works. Every time I try to use my usual curved brush to reach the corners of my lashes I end up getting black mascara all over the side of my face. Not pretty! So I typically leave the corners bare. This brush, however, reaches the corners without me even trying. It’s so easy. Have you tried it yet? What do you think?

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