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Dinner is always a hassle in my house. I strive to make healthy complete meals that my family will love, but I always seem to fall short. Some days its baseball games or dance lessons. Other days its poor planning or not having the right ingredients. But mostly I get stuck in repeating the same easy meals over and over. After searching the Internet for solutions, I finally found the simplest idea, right down the street from my house.

Fancy2Forks offers the perfect solution for home cooked meals for your busy family. They prepare fully cooked meals and you simply reheat them at home. The process is so simple and the menu is amazing.

*Select Meals Online

*Choose your pick up day and time

*Reheat and Enjoy

DSC_2564 2
Food comes cooked and packaged


DSC_2567 2
Easily freeze and save for later

All of the dishes are cooked with fresh ingredients so you can be sure you are eating well every meal. This is not fast food, which I would typically grab on a baseball game night. The meals are affordable and drastically cheaper than a restaurant. You can purchase meals in multiple serving sizes, including 1-2, 4, and even 6.

So far we have tried the Pistachio Chicken with Avocado Dressing, Pulled Pork Sliders, Pork Fried Rice, Pork Loin, King Ranch Chicken casserole, Vegetable Medley, and the Sautéed Green Beans.  My family has loved everything!

My son, age 8, in regards to the Pistachio Chicken said, “This is the best chicken I have ever had Mom!”

My daughter, age 5 and very picky, in regards to the Pork Loin said, “This is the best chicken I have ever had Mom!” HaHa!

Visit Fancy2Forks today and check them out! I have to tell you, it is so nice not worrying about dinner anymore. I have extra time to spend with my family and I know they are eating healthy.


1075 Lakeline Blvd. Cedar Park, TX 78613  (1431 and Lakeline)


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