“Flaws were seriously underrated.”


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You know those love stories where the guy meets the girl, and they go back and forth fighting each other for a while, and then they accept they are in love and they live happily ever after? Yeah, this story is a bit more complicated. The story of Caleb Drake and Olivia Kaspen is the ultimate battle of real, flawed, beautiful people, who refuse to let their hearts win.

The Love Me With Lies series by Tarryn Fisher is so unique. It’s full of characters who you may not like at all. These characters are not perfect. They are real. They make bad decisions. They are stubborn and broken. But they love. They have big hearts that seek love and companionship just like we all do.

I’ve never read a book where I actually despise the main character. (Leah Smith from Dirty Red). How fun would it be to write a character like that? To be mean and dirty when you know you could never really act that way. Or shouldn’t act that way.

Read below some of my favorite quotes from the series. Tarryn’s writing is funny and completely raw. Seriously, she has no filter. I found it refreshing and entertaining.

The Opportunist

“Caleb taught me how to play – something I had never known in my youth or as an adult.”

“I am so good at pretending, that sometimes I lose track of who I really am.”

“Oh, what do you know about love? I silently complain. You’ve never cheated to have it.”

“I was a relationship retard. I kicked, shoved, and punched people out of my life, so they never had a chance to hurt me.”

“He was my crack. I could never get enough, and when I had him I was already thinking about when I could have him next.”

Dirty Red

“She was like a disease that came along every few years, contaminating everyone in her path.”

“Then you’re just stuck. You die in love more than you live in love.”

“When I was seventeen, my therapist told me that I use sex to validate myself. I promptly had sex with him.”

“This was the way to his heart. I played his compassion, and I played his need to protect things that were broken or lost.”


“Flaws were seriously underrated. They were beautiful if you looked at them just so.”

“Women hold all the power. They should use it like a whip, not offer it up like a sacrifice.”

“Broken people give broken love. And we are all a little broken. You just have to forgive, and sew up the wounds love delivers, and move on.”

Because I love this series so much, I want everyone to have a chance to read it. I’m GIVING AWAY my full set! These aren’t signed, I haven’t had the chance to meet Tarryn. Yet. But still, a great giveaway right?!


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dirty red

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6 thoughts on ““Flaws were seriously underrated.”

  1. I LOVED LOVED LOVED this series! And oh how I hated Leah. I have never felt so strongly for a character before in all my reading. Tarryn Fisher is an evil genius. #PLNforlife

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