Monat – Longer, fuller, stronger, younger-looking hair.

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Little did I know that having kids, plus aging, meant saying bye to my hair. When my thyroid system crashed in 2008, after the birth of my second son, my hair not only began falling out but also stopped growing and started breaking off.

My once full long head of dirty blonde locks was gone. In its place was thin, brittle hair that not only wouldn’t grow, but would fall out and break off in chunks. Especially around my hair line. As my hair would fall out I would be left with bald spots on my temples. As the hair would grow back, I would have short unruly hairs, that would only grow and then fall out again. So frustrating!

When my hair would finally grow long enough to reach my shoulders it would start breaking off. My hair stylist, Stefanie, diagnosed me with “self eating hair.” At one of my visits with her, she showed me what literally looked like a shark bite out of the back of my hair. She had to cut it all off and I left the salon in tears.

I have tried everything to fix this hair loss problem. New straightening irons, new blow dryers, new brushes. I’ve tried supplements like Biotin and Prenatal vitamins. I’ve tried new silk pillow cases and I even wore a silk bonnet to bed! My husband hated it by the way. Nothing worked!

Until. Monat.

I first found Monat treatment systems on Facebook when my cousin, who is also a hair stylist, started posting pictures of people with real results of growing their hair back. I was skeptical, but I trust my cousin, so I decided to ask her about it. Sure enough. Monat has a system of Shampoo and Spray that not only stimulates hair growth but makes the hair healthier as well.

I ordered it right away and began using the Monat Let It Grow system on January 30, 2017. The results have been life changing! Not only did my hair start to grow, but it became thicker, shinier, and stopped breaking.

Check out these before and afters, and see for yourself:

Not styled

This is my hair blown dry – before styling – you can see how much longer it is!

Back Styled

Blown dry and styled with a curling iron. It’s fuller, shinier, and longer in just two months! My hair hasn’t been this long in years!

left temple

Most of my hair loss is at my temples. You can see all the new growth and it grew really fast!

right temple

You can see my hair is fuller, more balanced, and there is new growth everywhere!

For more Before and After pics of real clients, check out this Facebook page.

Not only does Monat work for hair regrowth, but they have products for all hair types. Frizzy hair, damaged hair, no hair. There is a product for everyone!

Here is what you need to know:

How it works:

From Monat Website: “MONAT’s ingredients are naturally-based, safe, pure and sustainable. But with other brands recognizing the power of botanical oils, how is MONAT any different? The answer lies in our rich formulations that make these naturally-based ingredients work in harmony with each other, combining and reacting to pump up their natural properties to take MONAT to the next level.”

To read more behind the Science behind Monat Click here.

It’s all natural:

From Monat Website: NO Parabens – Could be linked to chronic disorders. NO Sulfates – irritating to skin and scalp. NO DEA/MEA – can be irritating to skin and eyes and could be linked to chronic disorders. NO Phthalates – long-term exposure could be toxic. NO PEG – can be linked to chronic disorders. NO Phenoxyethanol – can be irritating to the eyes and skin. NO Ethanol – can be drying to the hair and cause frizz and damage. NO Petrochemicals – can coat the hair shaft causing moisture loss and suffocation of the shaft. NO Glutens – can cause allergic reactions to sensitive individuals. NO Sodium Chloride and NO Harsh Salt System – can build up in tissues and cause dryness and dehydration. NO Harmful Colors – can be toxic to skin and scalp and linked to chronic disorders. NO Harmful Fragances – can be irritating and linked to chronic disease.

Product Overview:

Let It Grow System (This is what I use)

Let It grow treatment

Monat Junior Line

MONAT Junior Line

Magnify Treatment System

Magnify Treatment System

Balance Treatment System

Balance Treatment

Volume Treatment System

volume Treatment

Monat Black System for Men

Monat Black

Stylized System

stylized system

Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive


Eye Wonder

eye wonder

Order Online:

Monat employs Market Partners who are experts in all of the Monat products. You can read more about the products and also purchase Online here from my stylist Stefanie.

Once Stefanie saw how my hair had transformed she signed up to sell the products immediately! If you have questions on which product is best for you contact Stefanie here or on her Facebook.

You can also become a VIP member for $20. In doing so, you get all of the products at the VIP member discount of 15% off plus free shipping. This is what I did!

So who has tried Monat? Let me know your results!

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